3 moves to wake YOU up

3 moves to wake YOU up

3 moves to wake up and workout to prettyfit box

Tired, wired or overworked? These stealth yoga poses will sort you out and help kick-start your day when you’re feeling particularly tired (Monday, we’re looking at you).

Upward-facing dog with lion breath
1. Lie face down. Exhale as you press your hands into the floor by your sides and straighten your arms.
2. Allow the tops of your thighs to lift, keeping your bottom relaxed.
3. Inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth making a ‘ha’ sound, opening your mouth wide.
4. Inhale and relax your face into a neutral expression, then exhale and release back down to the mat.
5. Repeat this sequence of movements 3 more times.

Warrior I with eagle arms
1. Start with your feet together, then exhale as you step your left foot back 1 metre.
2. Keeping your hips facing forward, align your left heel behind your right heel, then turn your left foot out 45 degrees.
3. Inhale and raise your arms up. Exhale and swing your left arm underneath the right to wrap the arms and bring the palms to touch. Bend your right knee.
4. Stay for 8 breaths, then do the other side.

Bow pose
1. Lie on your tummy, then bend your knees to bring your heels to your bottom. Reach back and hold the outside of your ankles.
2. Inhale and press your feet into your hands, lifting them away from your bottom.
3. Exhale and lift your thighs away from the floor, allowing your upper body to lift off the mat. Slide your shoulders back and down, keeping your neck lengthened.
4. Hold the pose for 8 deep breaths. Release then repeat twice more.

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