You can do these moves in front of the TV

You can do these moves in front of the TV

You can do these moves in front of the TV prettyfit box

We aren’t saying it will definitely happen but sometimes it’s tempting to skip a workout in favour of just chillin’ out on the couch. Luckily, we’ve got the moves that you can do in front of the TV at home. In fact, you can even get through this sesh in your pyjamas. We won’t judge. Just roll out your mat and do these moves while you catch up on Netflix.

Hold a high plank with your feet set slightly wider than your hips. Reach your left hand through the gap behind your right arm, keeping your core tight and your belly button pulled towards your spine. Place your left hand back down and switch sides.

The single leg push up makes for a more difficult challenge compared to the regular version. Find a hand stance that feels comfortable and make sure that your hands are in line with your sternum. Ensure you’re keeping the weight evenly distributed between both hands and let your chest gently touch the ground on each rep.

Complete reps on each side.

Place your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders with fingers facing forward. Bend your knees and keep your weight through your heels. Bend from your elbows, keeping your chest proud until your bottom touches the ground then push back to the top. You should feel this through the back of your arms. If you feel pressure on your shoulders, widen your hand stance and pull your shoulder blades together.


In a high plank position, crunch your left leg towards your right elbow, then repeat with your right leg to left elbow. It’s okay to get a little bit of rounding through your spine while crunching each leg in. Get your knee closer to your elbow by pulling your shoulder blades together and rounding your upper back.

This move take a little coordination so start slow. In a tabletop position, with hands facing forward, pick up your left hand and right leg at the same time. Keep your core tight to keep your body stable. Touch your left hand to your right toe before placing your hand and foot back onto the floor. Repeat on the other side. The key to this move is not to rush. Stay controlled and shift your weight before picking your foot up.


 This crunch really burns your obliques and requires some balance. If crunching is too tricky, simply hold the side plank for thirty seconds instead. Keep your fingers facing forward to take the pressure off of your wrist and pull your core in tight to stay balanced.

Complete reps on each side.

he hip bridge with added knee crunches works your glute and hamstring muscles a little bit harder. Keep your hips high and push your weight through your heels. Put your hands flat by your sides to stay stable.

This moves works your entire posterior chain (that’s all the muscles down your back). Use the muscles in your bottom and your upper back to lift your legs, chest and hands off of the ground. Keep your neck neutral and your eyes looking at the floor. You can make this move more challenging by holding off the floor for a longer period of time (try 15 seconds for a serious burn!)

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