About Us

Prettyfitbox.com is an online fitness box service and retailer of affordable activewear clothing.

About Us

The PrettyFit Box idea started with a simple concept. The need for an non-subscription fitness box service aimed at helping women reach their fitness goals while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 
My Vision Statement:
1st - Help make every woman be the best version of herself
2nd - Be the most affordable fitness box company in the industry
3rd - Keep it simple for the everyday working woman on the go to the stay at home mom being able to discover exciting new affordable products.
Let's be real. It’s probably going to suck at times. Not always of course, but to make big changes in your life — to drop body fat, gain muscle, improve fitness dramatically and so on — requires a lot of patience and consistent hard work. This isn’t going to be easy but you don't have to do it all by yourself. Prettyfitbox.com is here to help make it easy and give you that extra push of motivation to start your fitness journey or keep it going. 

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