Premium Half Finger Tropical Print Gloves

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Premium Half Finger Tropical Print Gloves, Enhance Your Grip, Eliminate Blisters & Calluses.



  • WEIGHTLIFTING GLOVES FOR GYM: The weightlifting gloves provide hands protection when doing rowing, lifting, biking, CrossFit training, body pump and other workout activities
  • WRISTS SUPPORT: 45cm adjustable fabric wrapping around your wrists provides valuable support for the wrists while they support heavyweights
  • HAND GUADIAN: Padded on 3 key points palm protect your hands from getting calluses and blisters
  • NONSLIP PALM: Silicone rubber beading improves your grip on weights, avoiding falling off the bar, making your workouts safer
  • MESH STRETCHABLE: Breathable and high elastic mesh fabric on back offers good flexibility of fingers and ventilation to absorb sweats and keep hands dry, comfortable and long-term stable


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